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The Fort Irwin Residents’ Association was founded in 1982 as a social club and the Hall was built by members. The buildings and furnishings were paid for equally by a New Horizons government grant and by the members through numerous fund raising activities. The land on which the building stands was originally leased from the Corporation of the United Townships of Dysart et al, on August 10, 1981 for one dollar per year. An addition to the original building was added in 1991. This was built and paid for entirely by the members. The organization remained unincorporated until 2004, at which time it received its charter.


Article 1:


The name of this organization shall be “FORT IRWIN RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION”.

Article 2:

Section  1:

Section  2:


The aim of the organization is to be the center of community activities for the residents of Fort Irwin and surrounding area. 

The objectives of the organization are: 

  1. To provide a friendly meeting place for activities organized by members living in the surrounding area. 

  2. To develop links and bonds among new members of the community and maintain those bonds among existing members. 

  3. To promote support and fellowship through social, recreational and cultural activities. 

  4. To work together to share skills and talents, thereby learning from each other. 

  5. To encourage active participation and involvement in order to enable members to share a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. 

Article 3:


The geographical location of the FIRA Hall is 5821 Haliburton Lake Road – also identified as Schedule B, part of Block A, Plan of subdivision #195, Parts of Lots 14, and 15, Concession 9, Township of Harburn, County of Haliburton, Province of Ontario.


Article 4:


All adult residents and adult seasonal residents in Fort Irwin and the surrounding area are encouraged to become members. Application for membership may be made to the executive at any time, accompanied by the current year’s dues. Members who no longer live in the area may maintain their membership and participate in activities. Longstanding members who are no longer able to attend may be named Honourary Members, non-voting. 

Article 5:

Section  1:

Section  2:

Section  3:


Regular meetings of the membership shall be held a minimum of three times during a calendar year, consisting of a planning meeting in January or February, a mid-year update in May or June and an Annual General Meeting in the Fall. The Executive provide membership at least 30 days notice in advance of a Membership Meeting via email. The Executive may cancel any such meetings or call additional meetings or reschedule such meetings as the Executive deems necessary. Notice of any such cancellations, additional meetings or rescheduling shall be sent to the members at least seven days before the cancelled meeting, the additional meeting or the rescheduled meeting date whenever possible. 

Should the Executive fail to call meetings to the members’ satisfaction, a meeting may be called on the demand of twenty percent (20%) of the members).

Year End Reports will be presented at the first regular meeting of the membership during each calendar year. 

Article 6:

Section  1:

Section  2:


Twelve members in good standing shall constitute a quorum at any regular monthly meeting and at the Annual General Meeting.

Members in good standing may vote by proxy. Proxies must be in writing and must be updated and signed and be specific to the voting issue, and must be presented to the Chairperson of the meeting.

Article 7:


Annual membership dues are payable at the first regular meeting of the membership during each calendar year. After the April meeting, any dues not paid will be considered delinquent and membership cancelled. Membership will be reinstated with payment of dues. Membership dues will be reviewed annually by the executive and their recommendation will be brought to the Annual General Meeting for the members’ decision by simple majority vote.

Article 8:


The fiscal year of the Association shall be from January 1st to December 31st.

Article 9:


An annual audit of the financial operations of the organization will be done immediately following year end, either by two members in good standing, or by a qualified non-member, as determined and selected by the Executive Board and disclosed to general membership at the Annual General Meeting.

Article 10:

Section  1:

Section  2:

Section  3:

Section  4:

Section  5:

Section  6:

Section  7:

Article 11:



a) The Executive of the organization shall be: 

  • President 

  • Vice-President

  • Secretary 

  • Treasurer 

  • Member-At-Large (up to two) 

  • Past-President

b) Officers will be elected at the Annual General Meeting. They will assume the duties of their office the following January. An election for Vice-President will be held each year. The Vice-President will take over the position of President in the following year. The President will take over the position of Past-President in the following year. The Secretary and the Treasurer will be elected for two year terms, with the elections for these positions being held in alternate years. The Member-At-Large positions will be elected for a one year term.  In the event no nominations are received at the AGM to fill an expiring Executive position, a request can be made to the incumbent(s) to remain for the new year to maintain Board continuity until a replacement is found.


Vacancies in the Executive, which occur during the year, may be filled temporarily by a willing member in good standing, on the appointment of the Executive.


To ensure continuity, the Executive must have a residence in the area and be members in good standing.


The members of the Association have the right to remove any Executive member, for just cause, before their term is up, provided a resolution is passed by at least two-thirds of the members.


The Officers shall serve without remuneration, salary or profit. 


a) The Executive of the organization shall have the authority to control the general management, affairs, funds and property of the organization between monthly meetings, as required, subject only to the Constitution and Bylaws, including: 

  • Appoint and constitute standing committees and additional committees as necessary. 

  • Authorize necessary expenditures and make contracts. 

  • Authorize banking. 

  • Appoint signing Officers. 

b) Executive meetings shall be called not fewer than three times per year.

c) Three members of the executive shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the organization at Executive meetings. Motions at Executive meetings shall be determined by simple majority of votes cast. 

d) A minimum of three members of the Executive will have signing authority – the Treasurer plus at least two others as determined by the Executive. Two signatures are required on every cheque. For continuity of necessary business the maximum single expenditure between general meetings is $2,000 and is subject to full disclosure at the subsequent general meeting.


a) The President shall preside over all meetings. The President is also charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs and operation of the Association.

 b) The Vice-President shall take the chair in the absence of the President and perform the other duties of the President as required.

c) The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the organization, record the minutes of all meetings, keep an accurate attendance record and conduct the general correspondence of the organization as required, and will be the custodian of minute books, papers, records, correspondence, and other documents belonging to the organization.

d) The Treasurer shall pay all bills, receive all money due the organization, keep an accurate and full set of ledgers and present a financial statement at all meetings, shall deposit all monies into the bank account named by the Executive for such purposes and keep a current membership list.

e) The Past-President shall offer advice and counsel to the Executive based on their experience with the Association and shall perform other duties as required of them from time to time.

 f) The Executive shall perform other duties as required of them from time to time and shall follow the guidelines for their office as set out in the Fort Irwin Residents’ Association Procedure Manual.


To assist in offsetting the building overhead (heat, light, appliances) and of serving coffee / tea at events such as pot luck suppers, games evenings, etc., a fee may be levied for each person attending. Amounts will be assessed annually by the Executive, from time to time, based on costs incurred during the year, and their recommendation presented at a general meeting for discussion and approval. The amount agreed upon will be posted on the bulletin board. 

Article 12:

Section  1:

Section  2:

Article 13:


Members wishing to use the F.I.R.A. facility for special occasions such as a reception must be a member in good standing for one year prior to making the request and have the approval of the Executive. Permission must be obtained from the Executive to ensure that the facility is not being used for any other purpose on that date. The member will be responsible for their own set-up, thorough clean up of the facility after the event, and removal of all garbage created.

If a member is granted permission to use the facility, a minimum donation of $50 per day is expected.


Prior notice of at least one week shall be given to a majority of the membership when an amendment to the Bylaws is being considered. Members shall be made aware of the proposed change(s) to the Bylaws and the date, time and place of the meeting. All members will be allowed, if they wish, to express their viewpoint before a proposed change is voted on. Voting will be by simple majority.


Original 1981(?)

Revised 1984 

Revised 1994 

Revised 1995 

Revised 1998 

Revised January 18, 2004 

Revised January 16, 2005 

Revised February 20, 2005 

Revised September 30, 2008 

Revised November 15, 2009 

Revised April 21, 2013 

Revised December 11, 2021 

Revised September 21, 2022

Revised October 1, 2023

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