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Do you spend a lot of time at the lake?           Why don’t you come see what FIRA is about?


FIRA was established circa 1975 and FIRA Hall was built in the late 1980s. As you can see, FIRA has been around the lake a long time. FIRA Hall is located at 5821 Haliburton Lake Road, the north end of the lake.


This year FIRA has been striving to cooperate with Haliburton Lake Cottagers’ Association even more than we have in the past. Glenn Scott, President of HLCA, has been instrumental in the two associations working together. As a result of this spirit of cooperation, 2016 dues for HLCA for FIRA members are $10 less per family and dues for FIRA for HLCA members are also reduced by $10 per family. Another example of this cooperation was the meeting held at FIRA Hall in January of this year hosted by HLCA, FIRA and Percy Lake Ratepayers’ Association. This meeting was to discuss issues relating to all of us: road repair in this area and the status of West Bay Landfill. As a result of that meeting, the Presidents of all three associations met with Reeve Murray Fearrey and Council member Walt McKechnie. You have likely read elsewhere that the outcome of that meeting was very successful. Working together, the Associations are able to accomplish even more.


FIRA invites all folks in this area to join us. As a member of FIRA, you are able to take advantage of the lower prices which have been negotiated for FIRA members with three businesses in the area. As a result, this past year FIRA members received a 6 cent per litre reduction for oil, a 12 cent per litre reduction this past winter for propane and approximately a $50 reduction for pumping out septic systems. Once you join FIRA, we add you to our list of members which we provide to the three vendors. Our website also offers a place for buying and selling items you may have. Look under the “classified” section on the website.


FIRA also was and still is a venue where people get together for all kinds of social events, both in the Hall and in people’s homes. Did you know that FIRA is the envy of the county? FIRA is the only group that has its own facility from which to run programs and events. Many a time people tell us how lucky we are to have a place nearby to go to and socialize.


Here are some of the things we can do and these are basically year round activities:



Wednesday Ladies’ Morning, Come and learn to quilt; do needle work; make placemats, bags, purses, pillowcases or knit. The best thing, though, about Wednesday Ladies’ Morning is that you don’t have to do anything except sit and chat over coffee and goodies, if you wish. It is also here that we design, cut, sew and hand stitch our fabulous quilt that is raffled off in the fall.


Exercise classes happen on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. You name it, we have it: high impact, low impact, yoga, stretching, and meditation. Some are led by an instructor and others are DVD driven. Some are early in the morning and some start later. Some cost money and some don’t. Check out our website for exact days and times.


Weigh-in, talk and walk is a new program for the weight and health conscious folks. We meet every Monday afternoon at the Hall at 2 pm, talk about diet and health related issues and then go for a nice walk. All are welcome – It’s not just for the ladies.


Cards anyone! Monday nights at 7 pm a group of eager people set up the tables and spend the evening playing bid euchre. Our participants are very happy to teach newcomers how to play.


Happy Hour is every Thursday afternoon from 5 pm to 7 pm (I know that is two hours, but what the heck) and are also lots of fun. We meet at someone’s home/cottage and everyone brings their own drinks and a snack to share. There are always lots of laughs and shenanigans. This past winter we met monthly on Saturday evenings for Happy Hour.


Pot Luck Dinners on the third Sunday of every month are also part of our busy schedule. You never know from one month to the next what will appear for dinner. Most times there is a nice balance between salads, entrées, and desserts but as will happen, there have been times when dinner consists mainly of desserts. How disappointing that is for all of us! These evenings are times when we get to know new people and find out their interests and talents.



There are also many other special events happening during the year. Among others, our big fund raiser, Summer Fest, happens Saturday of July long weekend. Pancake Breakfast is the 3rd Saturday in August. A Scavenger Hunt and Pot Luck Dinner see us through a fine September day. The Harvest Lunch at the FIRA hall announces the winner of the Quilt that we worked on last winter. The Christmas Cookie Exchange puts our best baking on the table for all to share. Then there is the Christmas Dinner at one of the local restaurants in December and, not to be outdone, we have April’s Silent Auction of hilarious prizes after our potluck. In addition, we have FIRA Idol each year, providing members and friends with an opportunity to demonstrate their many talents. That evening is definitely a whole lot of fun, plus we find out about unknown talents of our neighbors!!


To be a member of FIRA you don’t have to live at the lake year round. As you can see from all of the foregoing activities, there are things going on virtually every time of the year.


Just here for the summer? Great!


Go south for the winter? Wonderful!


Brave the cold winters and the warm summers? Even better!


We’d love to have you come and join us! You can find out more about us at our website.  If you wish, feel free to come on out to one of our events or our potlucks before becoming a member to find out even more about us.


Membership is $70.00 per member, for two that is $140.  However, if you are also an HLCA member, dues are $60 for one and $130 for two.


For more information please call Gord Cochrane, 705 754-4980, or e-mail him at gordonchris@comcast.net.


We look forward to you becoming a member of FIRA and joining us in our fun journey!!!






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