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FIRA Idol - Talent Night - April 21st, 2012

It was a great, fun-filled evening.  We had a terrific turnout and lots of talent.

Thanks to Gordon for getting it all organized (and for adamantly refusing

to read the camera owner's manual about setting the date & time).

idol01 We had nearly a full house !
Heather McKenzie crooning ... terrific voice ! idol02
idol03 Shelley's and Heather's daughters
Shelley Garland-Bull playing mandolin idol04
idol05 Dave Hawley (clarinet) and Chris Cochrane (flute)
Chris Cochrane solo (flute) idol06
idol07 John Skinner's stand-up routine (mid-blink, not asleep)
Wendy Evenden Loney with her recently-completed cello idol08
idol09 Ken Loney, Barbara Hart, & Wendy Evenden Loney

Ken Loney & Dave Hawley

(2012 "Fira Idol" winners)


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