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Organization Chart

Executive (2020):

President:   Andy Valickis

Vice President:   Bill Odell

Past President:   Glen Smith

Treasurer:   Joe DiFrancesco

Secretary:   Carrie DiFrancesco   firasecretary@gmail.com

Member-at-Large:   Wayne MacKenzie

Member-at-Large:   Lynn Yake

Hall Maintenance Manager:   Wayne MacKenzie



Fitness:   Sue Mason

Quilting & Crafts:   Dianne Kelly

Fuel Coordinator:   Laurie Hillaby

Pancake Breakfast:   Carrie DiFrancesco

SummerFest:   TBD

Property Management Coordinator:   Wayne MacKenzie

Social Coordinator:   Gord Cochrane



(please note that these are information gathering roles only, and not an appointment to speak on behalf of FIRA)



The following is a list of all folks who are now defibrilator trained among our members. You all may want to print out a copy so that if an emergency arises, you would have the names of members who are trained and who perhaps could help immediately. Time is of the essence in such a situation. First call 911, then contact one of these who could perhaps be there much quicker with the defibrilator machine.


BARB TAYLOR - 1008 Douglas Lane, Haliburton, ON   705-754-1139



TRAUDY MOLDENHAUER-KADOKE - 1181 Hummingbird Lane, Haliburton, ON   705-754-3486



GRAHAM NEWTON - 1021 Tanamakoon Lane, Haliburton, ON   705-754-3146



GORDON & CHRIS COCHRANE - 6932 Haliburton Lake Road, Haliburton, ON   705-754-1770

DICK & SANDRA DUCHEMIN - 6006 Haliburton Lake Road, Haliburton, ON   705-754-9391

GERDA GEMBALLA - 1176 Curry Road, Haliburton, ON   705-754-4089

MARY ANN HODGINS - 1381 Hipkiss Drive, Haliburton, ON   705-754-1787

HANNAH KALTER - 5809 Haliburton Lake Road, Haliburton, ON   705-754-4137

SUE MASON - 1024 Clubhouse Court, Haliburton, ON   705-754-3742

ADELE POPE - 1417 Hodgson Road, Haliburton, ON   705-754-1614

GLEN SMITH - 1900 Curry Road, Haliburton, ON   705-754-3745

MARIE WATSON - 1176 Fort Irwin Road, Haliburton, ON   705-754-4904

BRIAN WATTS - 6091 Haliburton Lake Road, Haliburton, ON   705-754-1600

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