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2010.03.14 Thank you Gord for all your effort and hard work, it turned out to be a great evening, so it was all worth it. I thought you and Glen should of won the most talented award, ha,ha,ha,ha. The two of you did a great job, I couldn't stop laughing. It was amazing to see how much talent we have at the lake and thank you for let us being part of it.

Looking forward to next year,

2010.03.14 Hey Gordon, hey Chris! I just wanted to send out a shout of thanks to the two of you for putting together such a great evening last night! You managed to harness a lot of joy and fun---I was thinking, as I was leaving, how much we human beings crave laughter and song, and how rarely we truly get the opportunity to indulge in such a free, non-critical way. Thank you! I am quite sure this will be a much-anticipated annual event! Way to go!

Thanks to EVERYONE involved!

Jeannette Lambermont-Morey (Mike and Mick too)


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